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After hours appointments in Drummoyne – For Your Schedule

Do you find it difficult to get an after hours dental appointment in Drummoyne? We know that many working individuals or families with children find it difficult to find a suitable time to visit the dentist.


What are the advantages of an After hours dentist in Drummoyne?

As life becomes increasingly busy, it can feel difficult to get a local dental appointment in Drummoyne. Thankfully, we are open when your dentist is closed.

Our Dental Care offers non-emergency after hours dentistry at no extra cost on Thursdays and Saturdays. During those hours, we provide all the services we regularly provide and it is not just limited to emergency appointments. This also includes Government Voucher patients, DVA and insurance cardholders.

Please note that this service does not apply to dental emergencies. If you have a dental emergency, please call us at 0415 191 049 to reach us immediately.

How to get an After hours dental appointment in Drummoyne?

In order to book an Our Dental Care dental appointment in Drummoyne, you must book in advance. Call us on 02 9158 6727 to book your appointment.

We also provide online bookings. You no longer need to call up a receptionist. You can choose to book a variety of services from checkup, fillings and pain appointments. We ask that you give us 24 hours between your booking and your appointment. You will be given an instant time estimate for your appointment. We recommend giving a 30-minute leeway and then you can plan your busy day.


Who can book after hours appointments?
Our After hours appointments are not limited to existing patients. If you have not been a patient of Our Dental Care, you are still able to make an appointment with our state of the art dentists.
These appointments are perfect for those:

  • working families with both parents who are working as well as busy
  • school children
  • individuals will full-time jobs or who study full time

We have both male and female dentists that can help you, both of whom can speak Cantonese or Mandarin.

What to expect on your after hours appointments?
An after hours appointment works in the same way as a regular appointment where we aim to make you feel comfortable and safe while providing you with the best dental outcomes.

You will be welcomed and asked to fill out a medical history form. You can also choose to fill out this form ahead of time. The link will be in the email you provided.

Inside the clinic, you will be carefully assessed and thoroughly informed of any dental issues you may have. You will then be provided with a tailored and comprehensive treatment plan. Should there be adequate time, any treatment that is needed may be carried out using the latest technologies and materials.

What if I forget or need to cancel my appointment last minute?
We do our best to remind you of your appointment with a text message and a follow-up call on the day before.

We understand you may forget and that work or life commitments may urgently require your attention and you may not be able to make your appointment. Please provide us for a reason for cancellation prior to rebooking your next appointment.