Cosmetic Dentistry in Drummoyne?

Cosmetic Dentistry is the overarching concept for improving one’s smile. We understand that while healthy teeth are important, and your appearance is just as vital to help you feel your best every day. Your beautiful smile will radiate and can affect your feelings about yourself and be a way to connect to others in a more positive way.

What Our Dental Care can help you achieve

Our experienced clinicians can help you with:

  • Removing heavy staining which has built up from years of smoking or coffee drinking
  • Providing effective whitening procedures as we have partnered with Zoom Whitening Advanced to offer in chair whitening to deliver a noticeably whiter smile
  • Reshaping front teeth, closing any gaps and making a Hollywood smile with Veneers. We remove around 3% or less of tooth structure to achieve this
  • Replacing any missing teeth with 3I Implants and Crowns to match the surrounding teeth
  • Realigning any crooked teeth with Invisalign.

Why Our Dental Care is your Cosmetic Dentist in Drummoyne

At Our Dental Care, we have a beautiful environment in a wonderful suburb. Our Clinic is equipped with an in chair monitor as well as photography equipment which will help us demonstrate all the issues that are affecting your smile. We can provide professional level before and after shots so you can see firsthand how much difference cosmetic dentistry can make.

Our Dental Care will ensure that we reach your expectations by having an in depth discussion first to find out what you want for your smile. We provide expertise level treatments with state-of-the art technology.

Choosing your Perfect Smile

There are many factors in choosing your perfect smile from whether you would like a Hollywood white or a Natural White, the roundness of your teeth, your gum to lip to tooth ratio and the colour, It all depends on what you want. Talk to your Friendly Professional Dentist today!

Wedding Cosmetic Dentistry in Drummoyne

Your Wedding is meant to be one of the most epic days of your life. As your Wedding looms closer, you will fret over getting the perfect moments and the most beautiful photographs. Your dazzling smile will be the centrepiece of your day and it is important to also get it, just right.

Cosmetic dentistry does not happen overnight and you must allow adequate time for treatment to be performed. Please make sure you contact your Dentist in Drummoyne at least 3 months in advance for any whitening or Veneer treatment. If you require orthodontics of any form, it is a good idea to allow at least 2 years.

That way, we can make sure you have more time left over to breathe between planning for your special day.