Dental Crown and Bridges in Drummoyne

Both dental crowns and dental bridges are made out of very similar material but have different uses. Dental crowns are placed on a single tooth. The reasons for this vary from wanting a different coloured front tooth or needing to strengthen a weakened root canal treated tooth whilst dental bridges act mainly to replace missing tooth structure.


The Procedure for a Dental Crown and Bridges in Drummoyne

Generally the procedure for a Dental Crown and Bridge takes two appointments. On the first appointment, usually around 60 minutes, we will take an xray to determine that the tooth structure is healthy with no root canal issues in your tooth.
Then, we will prepare the tooth/ teeth then take a mould. Don’t worry! We will place a temporary crown or bridge in that area to mimic the previous tooth.
On your next visit, we will permanently cement the new crown or bridge so you can have your smile in perfect shape again.

Dental Crowns in Drummoyne

Dental crowns are ‘helmets’ which are permanent cemented onto your tooth. They are mostly used to protect a weakened tooth after root canal treatment but also for improving the look of a tooth.

Like Dental bridges, Dental crowns can be made out of a variety of materials. You may be familiar with the pirate with the gold tooth at the front. Alternatively, you can have a fully porcelain crown which can blend in perfectly with your surrounding teeth or a porcelain fused to metal crown.

Each material has its advantages and your dentist will determine this after your examination.

Dental Bridges in Drummoyne

Dental bridges are the perfect option for patients who require a long term tooth replacement but have reasons that they cannot undergo dental implant therapy.

Dental bridges consist of crowning two teeth on either side with a middle tooth replacement.

Your Dentist will generally recommend this procedure if the teeth on either side have been affected by decay in the past and require crowns. Think of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with two pylons on either side with the bridge in the middle. Technically it’s a Dental Crown and Bridge. Drummoyne patients will enjoy having something that doesn’t need to be taken in and out every day.


Explaining the Differences between a Dental Crown and a Filling

Dental Fillings are used when the decay has involved less than 60% of the tooth. As the tooth has adequate tooth structure, there is enough strength for what is remaining to resist against heavy daily biting forces.

Dental crowns are used when decay has affected more than 60% of the tooth structure. The tooth is now weakened and filling material simply is not strong enough to rebuild strength of the tooth. Therefore a crown is needed to act as a helmet to protect the tooth.

Your Dentist in Drummoyne will recommend whether you require a filling or a crown at your next appointment