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Dental Checkups, Cleaning and Xrays – Protecting your smile

Regular dental check-ups for Drummoyne patients are important for looking after your mouth and your overall health. Check-ups are performed with a thorough examination of the mouth which can include x-rays or photos. A Dental clean removes the stubborn plaque and tartar that can get stuck to your teeth and Fluoride provides an extra layer of protection.


Dental Checkups in Drummoyne – What to Expect

At your initial consultation, your dentist will need to ask about your general health, past dental experiences and expectations for your appointments. It is important to let us know about any medications and medical conditions despite seeming insignificant as it may have a large effect on your oral health as well as dental treatment.

We will also ask about any questions you have as well as addressing any pressing concerns and nervousness. Don’t worry! We have heard it all. Once you let us know, we will continue with the Comprehensive Dental Checkup.

Dental Xrays in Drummoyne – When are they used?

A good dental checkup consists of looking at your soft tissues i.e. gums, lips, tongue and cheeks as well as looking at your teeth to find any defects or signs of decay. But did you know Dental Xrays are a vital part of any dental checkup?

Xrays are fantastic at detecting even the smallest beginnings of decay, gum issues, misaligned teeth as well as unwelcome pathologies.

Your Dentist in Drummoyne will determine if you require an updated set. For regular dental attendees who do not have any severe dental issues, we usually recommend taking x-rays every 2 years.


Dental cleanings in Drummoyne – Why do we do it?
As we eat, bacteria get introduced into our oral cavity which forms plaque. That is the sticky white film that gives your teeth the ‘furry feel’. If left long enough, it becomes calcified. Once bacteria get stuck to your teeth it can be very hard to brush or floss off. This forms tartar. Over time, this tartar grows and releases a variety of toxins. The toxins cause your gums to recede and in severe circumstances, tooth loss.
The bacteria can also cause dental decay. That’s why your Dentist in Drummoyne recommends 6 monthly checkup and clean.
Dental cleanings in Drummoyne – How else can I take care of my teeth?
Aside from the regular 6 monthly dental checkups and cleans, it is important to brush at least twice a day and floss daily. It is also well known that smoking has detrimental effects on the body but it also will cause you to lose your teeth faster than you would like.
If you are planning to become pregnant, it is important to have a dental checkup, cleaning, x-rays and fluoride as there are some serious dental issues that may occur. Also, whilst it is okay to take dental x-rays, many expecting mothers do not find the idea of having an x-ray while pregnant appealing.