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Why do I need to go the dentist ?
It is very important to attend a dentist regularly to maintain good health for the teeth and gums. The most common conditions we see; gum disease and tooth decay can be silent diseases that may go unnoticed and by the time you notice something ( pain, bad breath, food getting stuck) it may be too to save the tooth or teeth.
Do I really have to go to the dentist every six months? Do I need x-rays at each visit?
Regular check-ups are very important in detecting conditions early before they progress too far. Six months is a recommended interval between visits for most people but others with a high risk of disease should we advised to have more frequent visits. The longer you leave dental disease, the more expensive it can cost to fix up or manage. If left long enough, the damage done by the disease can be irreversible and cause harm to your overall health.

X- rays are a good screening tool to detect early signs of disease. Not every visit will require x-rays , it is dependent on what we see inside your mouth. Some people will require many x-rays during their treatment, whereas others may not need them at all. As a general rule, we take them every 2 years so we can detect decay early on, before it has spread to the nerve.

Why is dentistry so expensive and why shouldn’t I go overseas?
Dentistry is definitely a lot cheaper overseas than in Australia. One of the reasons is the standard of care in Australia is a lot higher. All qualified dentists in Australia are deemed to have a safe and accepted level of care. There are many instances of patients going overseas for extensive treatment only to come back to Australia regretting that decision. And ultimately paying more than what it would have cost to have work done in Australia.
Im scared of going to the dentist and I haven’t been in many years!
Dentistry, like medicine is always changing and changing quickly. Modern day dentistry is a lot less scarier than it used to be. All the noises and the pain that you may remember is a thing of the past. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time then chances are that there may be problems that you are not even aware of.

Book in an appointment with us to have a look and chat and we can help you overcome your fear of the dentist.

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