Orthodontic treatment and what we can help you with.


Orthodontic treatment what is it?

Orthodontic treatment is the moving and straightening of teeth. Teeth can be gappy or crooked for a number of reasons including genetics, injuries, and early loss of baby teeth. Crooked teeth can be problematic for people. It can affect one’s confidence, smile, how we bite and the ability to keep one’s teeth clean.

How is it done?

There are many ways we can straighten teeth. The traditional orthodontics in Drummoyne are with braces. Metal braces are very commonly seen; they are helpful in moving, straightening and aligning teeth. Other braces are ceramic/ clear braces and inside braces. They all can work to help straighten teeth but can be highly visible, or bulky and cumbersome.

The other alternative is clear aligners. The two most common clear aligners are Clear Correct and Invisalign in Drummoyne. At Our Dental Care, we can provide Invisalign® the Drummoyne smile way. Another aligner is ClearCorrect™, dentists at Drummoyne Our Dental Care offers both.

Clear aligners at Drummoyne, Our Dental Care offer a low profile and almost hidden alternative to traditional braces. They are very comfortable to wear and almost invisible. They are removable so that you can take them off to clean your teeth.

How long does it take?

Orthodontics in Drummoyne whether it be clear aligner or traditional braces can take anywhere from 12-36 months depending on what is needed. Sometimes Invisalign or Clear correct in Drummoyne may not solve severely crooked teeth especially if the jaws are misaligned and they may need surgery or traditional orthodontic braces but have many for mild to moderate crowding.


Will it hurt?

Sometimes when you first start treatment it can be painful or when you change the aligner or wire on the braces it can be a bit sore. But over time the pain will reduce as your teeth are straightened. We have many solutions to help you manage the pain. Give us a call and we can help ensure a pain free experience. Also the older you are, the more painful it can be. Another reason starting early can be beneficial is that it allows us to move teeth quicker and finish the treatment faster.


Am I too old for braces?

No, braces can be for both young and old. Sometimes it may take longer for treatment and it may be a bit sore during treatment but if braces are something you missed out on please do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you an easy and affordable way to straighten your smile and boost your confidence!

Our team here at Our Dental Care Drummoyne will help look after your orthodontic needs and guide you to a new smile! Please call us today on 02 9158 6727 and our incredible team here will help you with your orthodontic concerns.