Dentures and what we can help you with

Our Dental Care is your Denture clinic in Drummoyne. Our Experienced dentists can help repair, modify or adjust your dentures.There are many different designs and types of clips and they are made to be suited to your teeth and mouth. They are removable appliances which means you will need to take them off and on.


What are dentures?

Dentures are also known as ‘false teeth’ or a ‘plate’ and have been used for a long time to replace teeth that are missing or have been lost due to dental disease. Having missing teeth can affect your smile, confidence, eating and speaking . They are a very affordable way to replace multiple missing teeth and can look very natural and aesthetic. Dentures are made of either metal or plastic and are similar to a mouthguard with teeth on them. They can be a complete denture which replaces all the teeth or a partial which replaces some teeth.

Your Denture Clinic in Drummoyne – How we can help?

Here at Our Dental Care, our knowledgeable dentists can help make your dentures in Drummoyne. It can take a few visits to make the dentures. We will ensure that your teeth are strong enough to support the denture. That way the denture can last without having repairs or adjustments. Rather than simply focusing on the denture portion of your care we can look after both your teeth and your dentures. We believe that working with dentures is a combined experience involving both the remaining natural teeth and gums and the denture that is there.

What to expect on your denture visits

On your first visit, we will look in your mouth and your dentist in Drummoyne will make note of any teeth with gum disease or cavities and discuss the best way to proceed with making your denture. This will ensure that the denture will last as long as possible. This is because your denture is supported by healthy teeth and gums.

Other visits we will work on measuring your face or taking moulds that we send to the laboratory to help us make your dentures. After you receive your dentures we will follow up and make sure things are going well and help if you need to adjust the denture.
Although they can be considered old fashioned, they are still a very good alternative to help replace your missing teeth. Due to modern technology, no one will even need to know you had a tooth removed.

If you have any questions or need help with your dentures, please do not hesitate to call us on 02 9158 6727. We can help look after your dentures at Drummoyne Our Dental Care.