Root canals in Drummoyne

Thanks to modern technological advancement, where once you had to extract any tooth with a toothache, we can now save your natural tooth and rebuild it to where it is both aesthetic and functional.

At Our Dental Care, Our high quality Dentists have reliably treated many root canal cases and will save you further toothaches and headaches.


Root canals in Drummoyne – Clarifying the Multiple visits

Root canal treatments usually occur in 3 stages.
Once a root canal issue has been identified, your dentist in Drummoyne will act quickly. Firstly, we must treat your pain immediately by removing any residual infected pulp tissue. Don’t worry, we will first numb you up well and be extra gentle as we know you probably have had several sleepless nights.
Following that visit, we will clean the bacteria with cleaning instruments and medication. Finally we will place root canal filling material in anticipation for the final restoration.

What to expect on my Initial Root canal visit

Our well trained dentists will ask a series of questions in regards to the nature of the pain, duration of the pain and any symptoms you have been experiencing.

Then the Our Dental Care dentist will do a thorough examination of the tooth and surrounding tissue. There are some instances where the dentist may recommend an alternate treatment route if they believe that a root canal treatment may not be the most beneficial in your situation.

Once the situation has been assessed, your dentist will discuss what to expect, how many root canals are present and any complications you may experience.

Discolouration after a Root Canal Treatment in Drummoyne

Sometimes a tooth which has had root canal issues in the past may become more grey and discoloured. In order to combat this, your dentist can discuss with you treatment options to improve your smile. This may include internal bleaching of the tooth, veneers or crowns.

Can my tooth heal without a root canal treatment?

Many patients think that a tooth that hurts to bite on may improve. The tooth is then left for a while but eventually one day (could be on Christmas Eve!) the pain becomes unbearable. Our Dentists have seen this many times. Your Christmas dinner would have been better enjoyed with an early Root canal treatment! Our Drummoyne patients can also call our Emergency service should this occur.

Unfortunately infections cannot heal themselves once dental nerves have been infiltrated by bacteria.
If you are undecided about whether you would like a root canal treatment or would prefer an implant, you can opt to have your nerve taken out so you are out of pain which will give you more time to consider your options.