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Fissure Sealants in Drummoyne – What are they?

Fissure sealants are a layer of material that goes into deep pits and grooves of teeth where it can be hard to clean. These are areas where the bugs and food can get stuck and cause decay. Fissure sealants help to prevent both children’s and adult’s teeth from decay. They are very quick and completely painless to apply.


When do we apply Dental Sealants for Drummoyne patients?

We apply dental sealants in patients where an increased risk of Dental Decay exists. There are various factors which would lead your Dentist in Drummoyne to recommend Fissure sealants. These include:

  • Stained fissures – this would indicate there has been a history of bacteria staining in the grooves of teeth for an extended period of teeth.
  • Poor history of brushing or high sugar diet – this would be shown by heavy bacterial build-up
  • Younger patients – as adult teeth erupt, they are more prone to decay before eventually maturing in the oral environment.

How do we apply Dental Sealants in Drummoyne patients?

To place Fissure sealants, it is very important to have cooperation from the child or adult. The process is non-invasive however some children may move too much and that would make it difficult for the dentist to place the fissure sealant.

Firstly, the tooth must be prepared with cleaning off any debris or remaining staining in the tooth. Then the tooth must be ‘shampooed’ to make the enamel ‘sticky’ for the fissure sealant material. The ‘shampoo’ can sometimes have a sour taste. Then the fissure sealant material can be placed and set with a blue curing light.


How long can I expect my Fissure sealant to last for?
Fissure sealants placed in Drummoyne patients are expected to last for a minimum of 1 year. They are not designed to withstand the heavy chewing forces from nuts or the stickiness from chewy lollies in the long term. Many studies have determined that despite this, fissure sealants are truly effective in preventing decay that starts in the fissures of teeth. This means, protecting your child’s teeth from extractions and root canal treatments down the road.

Therefore, regular monitoring by a Dentist from Our Dental Care is necessary to ensure that the Fissure sealants are still effective.

What is the difference between a Fissure Sealant and a Filling?
Fillings are generally used when there is existing decay. They can look very similar to fissure sealants, as they can also be a white opaque material. However, fissure sealants are used as a preventive measure where there is no decay that is present. Fissure sealants can also be a clear or pink material.

The Medicare CDBS can be used for both fillings as well as fissure sealants for your child.

Does it matter if my child loses their baby teeth?
No, unfortunately, is the short answer

By removing a child’s tooth too early, you are predisposing them to:

  • Crowding and orthodontic issues
  • Reducing their concentration at school because of dental pain
  • Increased social anxiety due to embarrassment from their teeth
  • Infections which can affect the development of the adult tooth
  • Not to mention, a lifelong dental phobia from the trauma of the tooth extraction