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Tooth Extractions in Drummoyne – Reasons for your extraction

There are many factors which may cause a dentist to determine that a tooth may need to be removed. Most times it is due to a compromised tooth which cannot be saved in the long term due to patient factors or dental factors.

Teeth can also be removed for orthodontic purposes to create more room to align the remaining teeth.


What to expect from your Dental Extraction in Drummoyne.

The procedure for a dental extraction is usually quite simple. Once you have arrived and filled out the medical history form, your dentist will confirm the tooth to be extracted and discuss any risks which may affect the treatment or the treatment outcome.

We will ensure you feel comfortable during the procedure by administering an anaesthetic which should make you feel numb to any pain.

Once the tooth has been removed, we will apply some cotton gauze that you will be able to bite down on.

What happens after my Tooth Extraction in Drummoyne?

After your extraction, we will discuss your postoperative care so you will be able to make sure your wound heals as quickly and as well as possible.

If you continue to have issues with bleeding, we will usually ask you to return to the dental clinic to be assessed and reassured or treated if necessary.

Generally, healing after extractions occurs quite quickly. There are some reasons why healing may occur more slowly. Your Dentist from Drummoyne will discuss any reasons which may have the possibility of affecting healing with you on the day.


What happens with the missing space in my jaw?
Once an adult tooth has been extracted, it will not grow back.

If the dental extraction has occurred at the front, there will be a large aesthetic issue as well as bringing about a lisp. At the back of the mouth, there will be the loss of a pair of large chewing molars which will affect your ability to eat and likely speak.

Your teeth, whilst they seem like solid structures actually move around in the jaw bone in response to pressure. Once an extraction occurs, the teeth on either side will collapse into the unsupported space like books without books ends. The teeth on top will also grow in the opposing space. Once this occurs, aesthetic as well as functional compromises follow. It is also very difficult to reverse this process without expensive and specialized orthodontics.

Therefore it is important to speak about replacement options as quickly as possible. The replacement options include having a denture, a bridge or an implant. As with many options in life, there are pros and cons. After your dental extraction in Drummoyne, your dentist will discuss them with you.

Should you need an Extraction, please contact us on 0415 191 049.