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Tooth Fillings in Drummoyne – What are they?

Tooth fillings are one of the more well known dental procedures. They are used when a patient has a decay cavity or a chip and requires a part of the tooth to be built up. While there are both amalgam and composite resin fillings, Our Dental Care exclusively uses only the composite resin fillings which will keep your smile bright.


When does the dentist know I need a Tooth Filling in Drummoyne?

There are many indicators that will tell you dentist that a tooth requires a filling.

Initially, the patient may say that they feel like their tooth has a hole, or they have some mild tooth pain to hot, cold or sweet. Sometimes, they may notice that their tooth is getting a black spot.

During the check up, the dentist will use both their sight, feel as well as an xray of the tooth. The tooth in question will usually display a darkened area that should not usually be there.

What does the procedure of a Dental Filling involve?

Some patients can be quite anxious before beginning a filling appointment, which is understood by the Dentist. Drummoyne patients can be reassured that your dentist will always make sure you feel comfortable.

A filling appointment can take between 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

Your dentist will recommend whether you require numbing. Generally for deeper cavities it is recommended. The area is then prepared by removing the decayed tooth structure and then filling it with composite resin material. The dentist will make sure the filling will fit into the existing area by filing down the filling material which sits outside your normal bite.

Why do I have sensitivity after my filling?

There are multiple reasons why you may have sensitivity after a dental filling. Drummoyne patients will have the option of calling us within business hours to have a discussion or come in for a free 10 minute postoperative consultation. We believe that care does not stop at the clinic!

However, here are the two most common reasons for any possible sensitivity.

One of the main reasons is that the filling was close to the nerve and the nerve may need some extra time to settle down. Another reason is that during the filling, the area was numb and that stops proper sensational feedback. The patient may have felt the filling was fine even though the filling may have been left too high. If that is the case, the dentist may have to file down the filling to harmonize with the bite.

What materials will be used for my filling?

At Our Dental Care, we use a high quality composite resin for fillings that are meant to last in the mouth for extended periods.